Friday, February 25, 2011

Passion-Driven Conversations

Hi Amy and Angela,

Here in Aurora, Ohio we were so delighted to meet the two of you in person on Thursday, Feb. 24 – two passionate, visionary advocates for children! Your message and examples remind educators around the world of why we said “Yes” to teaching and learning. The conversations that are emerging throughout our district are inspiring signs of new directions!
We cannot allow federal, state, local mandates, 17th century school structures and practices – 45 minute class periods, 180+day school year, political-driven narrow perspectives on teacher accountability, data-driven practices that fail to focus on the “whole child,” standardized assessments void of 21st century learning expectations, financial cutbacks - paralyze educators from taking a close look at their passion for learning. We must choose empowerment over in-action. We, as educators, can make the choice to find creative ways to ignite students’ passion for learning within and outside our district/classroom walls. There is a sense of urgency for our children. Sir Ken Robinson shares – Passion isn’t something that is created but rather the results of the conditions under which learning is allowed to occur.” So…we do have choice. Our challenge is to let go of practices and attitudes that prevent us from getting to know students’ passions, gifts and talents.
Our Feb. 18 PD conversations around Passion-Driven Classrooms and our SKYPE meeting with you on Thursday, Feb. 24 mark the beginning of our collaborative journey here in Aurora. Educators are finding the time to continue the conversation. Several high school teachers meet after school to discuss topics like – culture in the classroom to promote learning, student engagement, social networking tools in the classroom, peer observations, professional learning communities – Are they really working, or are they looked upon as superficial structures imposed by administrators? What is the next level of PLCs? What should they look like if they are for kids? What forums are there for students' voice and ideas about learning and student engagement?
Several middle school teachers will continue their discussions. They agreed to get together the first Friday of each month – after school to share ideas – technology integration, sharing mini lessons. This team is calling their get together – An informal meeting of the minds! Love it.
Elementary teachers connecting with high school Chemistry teacher to learn more about reverse instruction – developing partnership that invites high school and elementary students to collaborate on student passion driven topics.

Many expressed an interest in reading and discussing the book - Habitudes.

Look forward to discussions and possibilities for every day practice.
Our district's technology integration team are so passion-driven! The work they do 24/7 cannot be captured here. We continue to learn so much through their examples and vision for out-of-the box student engagement practices.

Aurora will be a place “where passion meets practice and students learn” because of teachers’ deep commitment to students and their passion for life-long learning! We will continue to share our story, challenges and celebrations!
“Change comes from the questions we ask” (Banach). From the heart...Amy & Angela thanks so much for your gift of time and words of encouragement. Alicia

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